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  • Protest For Michael Brown: Black Friday In San Francisco 2014

    On November 28, 2014, protesters took to the streets of San Francisco to voice their collective anger with the lack of a trial in the shooting of Michael Brown. After attempting to disrupt the tree lighting ceremony at Union Square, the demonstrators clashed with police and targeted corporate businesses and upscale restaurants throughout downtown San Francisco and the Mission District. Along with protesting police violence, the demonstrators also highlighted their dissatisfaction with the gentrification of the Mission. In the process […]

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  • After Gezi: Erdoğan And Political Struggle In Turkey

    After Gezi: Erdoğan And Political Struggle In Turkey

    Political struggles over the future of Turkey have left the country profoundly divided. Former Prime Minister, now President, Tayyip Erdogan, has fueled growing polarization through his authoritarian response to protests, his large-scale urban development projects, his religious social conservatism, and most recently, through his complicity in the Islamic State’s war against the Kurdish people in Northern Syria. In the year after the Gezi uprising, protests continue against the government’s urban redevelopment plans, against police repression, in response to repression of […]

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  • 22M: Madrid Protests on March 22, 2014

    Hundreds of thousands of protesters protested against government imposed austerity measures in Madrid, Spain. Shortly after dark, protesters and police clashed in central Madrid.

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