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  • No More Presidents: Protesting the Trump Inauguration

    No More Presidents: Protesting the Trump Inauguration

    The inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States has unleashed a wave of anger across the country. Faced with the frightening prospect of an authoritarian right wing government, many people have chosen to take their opposition to the streets. In the days surrounding Trump’s inauguration, Washington DC became the scene of continuous disruptions and resistance. On the day after the inauguration, one of the largest international mobilization in recent history took place with an estimated 4.8 million […]

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  • Protest For Michael Brown: Black Friday In San Francisco 2014

    On November 28, 2014, protesters took to the streets of San Francisco to voice their collective anger with the lack of a trial in the shooting of Michael Brown. After attempting to disrupt the tree lighting ceremony at Union Square, the demonstrators clashed with police and targeted corporate businesses and upscale restaurants throughout downtown San Francisco and the Mission District. Along with protesting police violence, the demonstrators also highlighted their dissatisfaction with the gentrification of the Mission. In the process […]

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  • Pieces of Madrid

    Pieces of Madrid

    En Español: vimeo.com/93192320 This short documentary explores ongoing resistance and self-organization in the midst of the economic and social crisis in Madrid, Spain. As social conditions continue to deteriorate across the country, people have been turning to the streets and to each other to find for solutions to the crisis. This film tells a story of the massive mobilization that saw millions of people converge on Madrid on March 22nd 2014, the story of the proliferation of social centers, community […]

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  • Global Uprisings Documentary: Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring

    Global Uprisings Documentary: Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring

    This short documentary tells the story of the uprising in Bosnia and Herzegovina that started in early February 2014. Since February 5 2014, protests have swept across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The protests were started by workers from five factories in northern city of Tuzla: Dita, Polihem, Poliolhem, GUMARA and Konjuh. The factories had been privatized, bankrupted and stripped of assets, leaving the workers with large debts, no salaries, no health care and no benefits. The protests culminated on February 7, […]

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