Global Uprisings Documentary: Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring

This short documentary tells the story of the uprising in Bosnia and Herzegovina that started in early February 2014. Since February 5 2014, protests have swept across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The protests were started by workers from five factories in northern city of Tuzla: Dita, Polihem, Poliolhem, GUMARA and Konjuh. The factories had been privatized, bankrupted and stripped of assets, leaving the workers with large debts, no salaries, no health care and no benefits. The protests culminated on February 7, 2014 when several governmental buildings were set on fire in cities across the country, including the presidential building in Sarajevo. Under pressure of protests, four regional governments resigned. The protests were followed with mass popular assemblies, referred to as plenums, that quickly spread across the country.



  1. gsfisher says:

    This is excellent work. The uprising in Bosnia has been ignored in the West, yet it is in many ways of far greater significance than the fiasco in the Ukraine. Here there are no fascist gangs appropriating the rebellion. Thus a real democratic space was opened. All power to the Plenums!

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